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Rub It Out Shower Masturbation Cream

Rub It Out Shower Masturbation Cream

Brand: Various Drug Stores
Product Code: SR1030
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GET WET. GET DIRTY. GET CLEAN. REPEAT. We help busy men like you get the most from your solo shower sessions. Each product enhances your personal technique and pleasure without asking for anything in return.Rub It Out Masturbation Cream is a water resistant, oil based cream that starts super thick and gets super slick. In the shower or on dry land, this masturbation cream offers longevity you have never experienced before. Remember, The safest sex is solo sex. Rub It Out is formulated for your self love sessions and is NOT condom compatible.
EAN 603912740042
LIQUIDVOLUMN 8floz 237mls
SIZE 8floz 237mls
BRAND Various Drug Stores

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